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Emu Flat School…

I found this old building on my way back from Nulla Vale on Sunday.  After a bit of Google search, I discovered that it was a school originally built in 1875 by George Wines on 5 acres. It was moved to this location by a team of 22 horses in 1902, becoming full time in 1911 until it closed in 1943.  It is sad, but this is a heritage listed building that I somehow don’t think will survive much longer.


Photo copied from

house ruin 2

The rear of the school


Split personality….

Being Australia Day today I went out to one of my favourite places – Nulla Vale, very early this morning.  At best it is a harsh landscape but in early morning facing east it seemed even more so.  This is a cleaved rock in which I saw the outline of two faces…Processed using a red filter.



Last week there were thunderstorms at the end of most of the hot days.  This was taken early evening as a storm was building – the sunburst was amazing as you could almost reach out and touch it such was the texture of the light.


WordPress doing a weird thing and so to see the full image please click (won’t let me re-size!!)

Lines and light…

Something a bit different to my general posts – some architecture!  Taken at Werribee Park Mansion a week ago, this covered walkway was beautifully lit in the strong afternoon sun.  Built between 1874 and 1877, I could imagine these walkways providing relief from the Australian summer afternoons.

Click to see details (esp of right hand etched windows)

Shadow of a gum tree…

At last (at least for us) it has cooled 🙂  I took this yesterday early morning, is of a gum tree shadow on long grass (some may have seen this on my Facebook page).  I had to fit myself behind the tree and barbed wire fence so my shadow wasn’t visible….

gum shadow

Click for larger view

Before the sun came….

Anyone who has watched the tennis will know that Melbourne and hence Victoria has endured a week long heat wave.  It has been truly disgusting weather, as I post this blog, am waiting for the cool change due in a few hours and hoping for no fires.  I think I have chosen these as the heat is so claustrophobic and these are cool and open spaces.  Metered for the sky and handheld, taken about 30 minutes before sunrise.

sunrise 16.1.14 south

1st Blogiversary!

Whilst I missed the festive postings as was so busy (grapevines don’t know it’s Christmas!), I realised that January 12th would be a year since I first started the blog.  I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the people that follow the blog and to those that have taken the time to write comments and liked posts.  I enjoy the blogging community and love reading others’ posts.  A lot has changed in the past year – one of the biggest was shooting in RAW (I started in film) and look forward to another year of learning!

Here we are psyching up for a week long heat wave while others are freezing – stay safe!

butterfly grass

About 30 minutes after sunrise. The butterfly was warming itself in the early sun




A belated Happy New Year!  It has been a busy time.  I took this a few weeks ago just after the field of hay had been cut and I was struck by the dark curve of uncut grass.  Closer inspection revealed it was a creek that has now dried out – the green strip has now vanished completely.

newham a

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