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Hip hip hareray!!

As some of you will know I have tried many attempts to photograph the hares I see at work – I find them beautiful but very elusive creatures and have probably hundreds of images of them running away!  Yesterday I was a little luckier!….

hare hare side hare a


The sky was spectacular a couple of days ago just before the sunrise.  The wind was already picking up causing the ripples on the dam on what turned out to be another really hot day.


Seeds at sunrise

The last two days have been very hot – yesterday was 38 C and so early morning is a pleasant time when it is still relatively cool.  I took this at sunrise today – the grass seeds lit up by the first rays of the day.

grass seed sunrise

Click for more detail




Final couple of images from the Pyalong area for the time being. These images were taken with the sky a deep cobalt blue and a very unforgiving light….beautiful 🙂

hill & fence a

A hill of long dried grass

burnt trees1

The tops of the trees are actually burnt hence why they are so dark



Storm clouds gathering…

Yesterday was a precursor for the stormy weather that came last night and today.  I watched this sky literally churning before me yesterday late morning – it was very dramatic, if not a little unsettling.  Processed using a red filter and blue toning, once again to bring out the texture of the clouds.

storm clouds