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First cut….

I had been watching beautiful clouds all day Рthe weather forecast was thankfully wrong and instead of the drizzle and cold we actually got a pleasant day.  I took this image on my way home from work this afternoon Рfirst cut of hay for the season. Processed using a red filter to bring out the clouds.

first cut

Wombat 24 Mountain Bike Race

A different sort of post today – it contains people! ¬†Yesterday I went to the beautiful Cammeray Waters¬†where the Wombat 24 was taking place. ¬†The endurance race lasted for 24 hours and it was a really well organised event with plenty going on. ¬†I should add that I was there to see the band my husband is in (The Wood Ol’ Boys), not to participate in the race, or be there for 24 hours for that matter – these guys are fit! The first image is better in full view so please click.


These trails are two riders – one just tail lights, the other headlights and helmet light

Here is a gallery of some of the riders

2003 rider

A good time had by all ūüôā

Misty Mountain…

I took these on my way home from work yesterday afternoon with a long lens (all I had!). ¬†Considering we are about to enter summer, this week has been cold and wet – we are still bringing in wood for the stove. ¬†These are clearing rain clouds on the top of the nearby hills…

Bales & mist1

The hay bales have been there since last summer

rain cloud

I’ve been looking at a lot of autumnal images from the northern hemisphere – these coloured tinges are new spring growth on Eucalyptus trees from the south!

Click on images for a larger view.

Sunset on the Mount

In my last post I described how disappointing the sunset was on Mount Macedon due to a thick band off fog/cloud that rolled in just before the actual sunset.  Here is another image taken about 5 minutes before. This is looking over the tops of some very tall gum trees..


Golden hour

A few days ago I went to Mount Macedon to capture the sunset.  As is the wonderfully fickle weather here, a band of thick fog rolled in just as the sun was setting.  However, about 15 minutes before, the light was wonderfully gentle.  I liked the golden hues on the grass through the gum trees

rays through the bush

A busy butterfly!

This was taken at the Butterfly House at Melbourne Zoo last month. ¬†What caught my eye was the seemingly prolific number of eggs she was laying (though I’m sure not all were hers)! ¬†Click in for more detail – there are a couple of Mealy Bugs on the plant too.

butterfly eggs