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Unearthed (literally!)…

I have a new theme for the blog which I think will be better suited.  Apologies in advance for any odd or blank email notifications – I want to create some different pages with galleries, etc and is work in progress.  Please let me know if there are problems viewing it and feedback, as always, is welcome on the new look…..and so to the image today.  Not the best technically but this little frog literally missed death by spade by millimetres during some clearing work.   I believe it is called a Victorian Frog (Litoria paraewingi) and was about 3 cm long – safely relocated 🙂


Bad hair day?

I’ve been watching these Highland Cattle for ages, they get moved from paddock to paddock and are always just out of range.  This was a snatched opportunity when they finally came near enough.  I love the texture of their fur and the huge horns.

blade of grass horn fur

Wake up little sleepy head…

The onset of spring has made me feel like a little kid in a sweet shop – everywhere I look there are flowers or buds I want to make images of.  I have a current fascination with members of the daisy family that open and close with the rhythm of the sun.  This little daisy hadn’t as yet had the full benefit of the sun and its warmth as was taken early in the morning…


Click to see more detail

Ice, ice baby…

We have a frost protection system at work which operates by means of overhead sprinklers.  The longer the temperature remains below freezing, the bigger and more dramatic the ice formations.  Last Thursday night the early end of winter had a sting in its tail….


The background shows the fine mist created by the sprinklers


End of trellis wires and posts


The long formation is a piece of string!

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