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Magic moment..

Yesterday there was an amazing sunrise again, but this time there was a bonus!  As I watched the light change before the sun came up, a huge flock of Ibis appeared to my left and I realised they would pass right across my field of view.  The flocks are beautifully graceful at any given time, but in front of this sunrise – a magic moment!


Hay ewe!

The other afternoon these ewes with lambs caught my attention.  It was actually the second image that I first saw – neatly arranged brown and white bottoms round the hay bale, but as I watched, I saw there was a quite a bit of pushing and shoving between the brown and white ewe.  I couldn’t resist the last image with the little lamb!

leap1 hustle 3stooges

Mother Nature’s Sculpture..

I often come come home with bits of vines in my clothing during the pruning season – they are incredibly tough, I kept this one in my pocket for the day.  This is a lignified (gone woody) tendril, and what ever angle you looked at it, it was beautiful  The curls are due to them holding onto the trellis wires.

tendril2a tendril3 tendril1a

Hanging Rock.

Some people may know this site from the book Picnic At Hanging Rock written by Joan Lindsay which was later made into a film directed by Peter Weir in 1975.  It is a place full of atmosphere in the Macedon Ranges in Central Victoria and was created about 6 million years ago as a result of magma setting at a vent of the volcano.  It is located in the Aboriginal Wurundjeri territory and was used as a site for male initiation until the indigenous people were forced out by colonial settlers in 1844.  The last initiation ceremony took place around 1851 (Wikipedia). I am lucky enough to pass the site on my way to and from work and sometimes due to the local weather patterns, it can look highly dramatic in some lights.  I have been waiting for the ‘right’ moment – this isn’t quite it, so be warned there will be more!!

Hanging Rock

Click for better view

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